Dry River Plumbing is family-owned and operated in Dayton, VA. We are a customer-oriented operation that works hard to do the work you need done, when you need it done.

Meet the crew.

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Robert "Bobby" Lipinski

Bobby Lipinski is the owner and primary plumber of Dry River Plumbing. A Virginia Master Plumber with twenty-three years experience in the plumbing field, and is licensed as a Class B contractor. Bobby is a 1997 Turner Ashby graduate, he and his wife, Mindy, live in Dayton with their four boys.

Dustin Wine

Dustin Wine started working for Dry River plumbing in May of 2016 and has been there ever since. Dustin is the "all around" guy. Anything from a service call to new construction. If you need a job done, he's your guy. Dustin and his wife, Brittney, live in Luray and are currently expecting twins.

Billy "Hawkeye" Good

Billy Good has been with Dry River Plumbing since November of 2016. He is the primary "new construction" plumber. If you are building a new home, look out for Billy! Billy lives in Luray with his twin boys and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Chad Shipe

Chad Shipe started his career at Dry River Plumbing in May of 2017. Chad has been working his way from being a "helper/waterpiper" to gaining confidence in plumbing new construction. Chad lives in Broadway with his wife, Jessica, and has a son and daughter.